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Royal Energizer


380g Blended Manuka Honey

30g Bee Propolis Extracts

40g Fresh Royal Jelly



Royal Energiser is a preparation of Bee Propolis, Blended Manuka Honey and Fresh Royal Jelly.

Royal Energiser, an ideal food for children and those suffering from chronic respiratory infection, is a blend of just the right amount of fresh royal jelly with extracts of propolis and Manuka honey.






Propolis is the resinous substance collected from leaf buds and bark of trees that bees use to line their hives with to prevent disease, hence in its use in the treatment of conditions such as gastrointestinal disorders, chronic infection and periodontal disease.






Manuka honey is a therapeutic honey with a slight camphorous aftertaste, valued in natural medicine for its antibacterial properties and its ability to soothe respiratory ailments.




Certified chloramphenicol-free, each 450 gram jar of Royal Energiser contains 40 grams of fresh royal jelly and 30 grams of propolis blended with 380 grams of Manuka honey.



 Being a natural product, colour, taste and viscosity may vary from season-to-season.


*Not to be given to children / infants aged less than a year old.

Being a natural product, colour, taste and viscosity may vary with the seasons. 

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