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"From Dairy, to bee products, and now dietary supplements. We do it all" 

Since 1974, Wynn–Wright has been at the forefront of providing the high-quality nutritional foods. From our humble beginnings as producers of Australian cheese and butter, Wynn-Wright has grown from strength to strength, developing expertise in various areas of nutrition and health food supplementation.

Today, our research efforts continue to develop to what is being known as Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals, where pharmaceutical-grade ingredients used are beneficial and contain value-added health giving properties including the prevention and/or treatment of diseases.

Our dietary supplements reign Supreme and is the choice for customers and institutional brand owners throughout the world. 

Our products are GMP certified and are pharmaceutical graded. We work with doctors/specialists to make sure our product goes through strict manufacturing procedures to ensure safety of consumption and it's effectiveness to successfully manufacture biomedical products.

- Wynn-Wright Group

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