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The wildflowers from which the honeybees collect their nectar give Royal Blend its unique bouquet and taste.


Rich with all the vitamins, minerals and essential enzymes, Royal Blend benefits those who need a little help in keeping up with the everyday stresses of modern living.

By adding Royal Blend to your daily diet, you can be sure you’re putting back into your body what the day takes out, and at the same time using it as preventive medicine.


Wild Honey

As with anything natural, wild honey cannot be produced in large commercial quantities, and therefore we only gather limited quantities supplies of wild honey and royal jelly for the production of this superb product.

In laboratory tests, a small percentage of wild honey cannot be analysed.


Only the wild honeybee holds the secrets to this sweet health-giving ambrosia.







Certified chloramphenicol-free, each 450-gram jar of Royal Blend contains 120 grams of fresh Royal Jelly blended with 330 grams of pollen-fortified wild honey.







Royal Blend

450g Royal blend

120g fresh royal jelly

330g of pollen fortified wild honey


*Not to be given to children / infants aged less than a year old.

Being a natural product, colour, taste and viscosity may vary with the seasons. 

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